'Our Work' is the work of dedicated visual artist, producers, writers and storytellers. We honor 'what's important' to each and every organization that entrust us with their image, their story and their message. "Their success is our success."

ASSOCIATED WHOLESALE GROCERS, the United States's largest Cooperative Food Wholesaler / Distributor - Store Manager of the Year Award

CONSERVING The Missouri River  - Producer Jim K. and Elaine H.  /  DP - Tom N.

SERVING THE ARMED FORCES & THE DEFENSE ENGINEERING COMMUNITY is an honor. We're amazed by the innovative engineering solutions and problem solving that makes daily living in America so manageable. Their 'Value to the Nation' - Producer Elaine H.

WE'RE MOVED BY THE STORIES OF EVERYDAY PEOPLE, by the simple nuances of everyday life through the interpretation of what it means to be uniquely human. Their stories give us strength and hope. "Helping Hands, A Wheelchair Ramp" - Tom N. - DP

CONSERVATION OF THE NATURAL WORLD AND CLEAN WATER are paramount to human existence and the future of the Planet. 'H2Qzark' - Producer Jim K.

Helping Hands, Breast Cancer  -  Tom N.  -  DP

EAST CAMPUS Change is hard but necessary. -  Producer Elaine H.

CONSERVATION - Walking The Line - Producer Jim K.

INTERPRETATION: Today - inspiring educators  -  Producer Charles W.

THE DoD - Keeping The Promise, Winner of the National Association of Broadcasters award for excellence.  - Producer Elaine H.

BROADCAST TELEVISION SHOW - Culinary Travels  - Producer Elaine H.

VIDEO ART -  Gone Fishing  -  DP Barry W.

BROADCAST - Ascend Info-Commercial - Producer Dave A.